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About Style a Go-Go


Welcome to Style a Go-Go!

We are an online & mobile boutique based in Minneapolis, MN. We cater to the woman that loves fashion and wants to stand out in the crowd. We keep a small amount of inventory on each item and have custom and one-of-a-kind clothing so you know you are getting stylish looks that are catered just for you.

Edie, the truck is named for Edie Sedgwick, the 1960's fashion icon and was a FedEx truck in her previous life. She has been reincarnated into a boutique on wheels and she couldn't be happier about it! Now, Edie carries the latest trends and timeless, edgy styles of clothing and accessories to you.

The brains behind Style a Go-Go is Kim Huston. As the founder she has a deep passion for making things beautiful and helping people find their unique style. 

With Edie, Kim sells her hand-crafted & hand-picked merchandise both online and on the go.   The Style a Go-Go truck will be rolling into festivals and events all summer in the Twin Cities. We even host private parties!

If you would like to have the Go-Go truck at your home or place of business, just contact us at

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