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Twist that Trend...

April 11, 2016

Twist that Trend...

Are you trendy? Do you follow all the latest and greatest to the T or do you like to twist it up? We love being unique; having our own style and throwing something unexpected into our looks. Don't get us wrong, trends are an important part of fashion. They give us the temperature of where things are going and what others are into so we can cater our styles to them. But Style a Go-Go isn't just about what everyone else is doing! It's about making a statement and wearing things that aren't everywhere! So when we saw that SS 2016 is heavy into bomber jackets (which coincidentally we were diggin' and on the hunt for last fall before the trend hit because of the screen shot from Pretty in Pink below) AND kimonos are still hot for this season we thought HEY....we've got the perfect blend of the two styles. So why not twist up the two trends of bomber and kimono and rock our Montego Bay Cropped Top! It's the perfect blend with kimono sleeves, a light nylon weight fabric like a bomber and a cinched waist. It looks great with cutoffs, jeans or even with a bikini on the beach!


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Montego Bay Cropped Top

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