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To buy or NOT to buy, THAT is the question!

April 18, 2017

So much talk about the future of 'Prince', it's all so sad isn't it? I don't think one executive thinking about these decisions have any clue what the Purple Family actually wants. They aren't listening, they are seeing dollar signs. They don't understand what it is we love about him.

This is one of my favorite photos. I stare at it on my computer screen every day. It says so much. When I'm stressed it says calm down, when I'm mad about something it says there is no reason to be. Today I really need this image. This WEEK I really need it. After all that has happened and the Celebration of Life events haven't even kicked off yet, I think we all need it.

Star Tribune released a story today talking about the new business of Prince and all the unreleased music, videos and movies. It's hard to read. I'm not sure what to think but now it's come to this...we will all be inundated with PRINCE and they will expect us to clammer to the stores to buy, buy, buy. And we are caught in this struggle of loss and honor. Do we say no because we honor his wishes or do we say yes so we can have one more piece, one more sound, one more vision of him and his work?

I will be picking and choosing. There are certain entities I will NOT support out of personal preference and what I feel he would dislike. That's how I feel for now and will just have to battle with each new song, album or (sadly) advertisingment using his music as they surface.

I would love to hear what you all feel about this??


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