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Uptown vs. Downtown in reverse

November 12, 2013


It's so interesting how all larger cities seem to have an Uptown and a Downtown but that doesn't always necessarily mean the same thing! I saw the ad from StyleMint today and had to laugh. I'm not sure what city they are referring to (probably NYC) but it's the COMPLETE opposite as here in Mpls! Our Uptown has always been a little on the edge where downtown, where the theatres live and other events that you would dress up for, it is definitely where you will see elegant gowns, refined styles and maybe even a fur or two! So when I read this ad and looked at the awesome outfit inspirations, I had to think in reverse! Uptown vs. Downtown StyleMint - Uptown vs Downtown   Speaking of StyleMint (or the Mint shops in general), I DIE for these Marcelle shoes on ShoeMint!! Marcelle   What are your city centers like? Is there a definite style divide?

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