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I've forgotten the sun

January 11, 2014



I've not forgotten what it looks like, no, it's still visible but I no longer remember what it feels like! I don't know what it's like to feel the warmth on my face any more. I miss my friend! This winter vortex thing is crazy! I always secretly thought, global warming will be fun because I LOVE being warm. But I had no idea that it didn't mean warm!

I have decided that this thing that's hanging in the sky over MN right now is NOT the sun, it's an impostor! An evil cousin that has descended over us to taunt and tease us through the winter. Oh I still see it, it looks the same and it still shines annoyingly in my eyes as I drive into work every morning. But it is not my friend. I do NOT wish it good morning and I want my friend back! I miss the way he shines on everything and makes it green and lush. How the twin squirrels take chase outside in the morning not caring at all that I'm watching them in amusement! I worry about them right now, I worry about the homeless community right now. I just hope everyone finds a place to stay warm each night during the 'VORTEX'.

Since the abduction of my friend the sun and the new pod-Sun that has taken his place, a plan has been set in motion. A trip! I will be going on a journey to Mexico. I have some clues that the real sun is being held there! My partner (aka bf) and I will do all we can to not only find the sun but maybe bring him back home with us! Now that the plan is in place, of course I need the proper gear. I can't just go down there in my down coat, boots, mittens, scarf, hat, etc. and try to be incognito. No, you have to BLEND! So here's are just some ideas I have for my ware for my journey. Maybe you are planning a journey as well, an escape maybe or possibly your own trip to locate the kidnapped sun. Here are some great, sunny weather pieces. Mix & Match Swimwear

Sun Gear A few cute coverups Casual wear for some shopping! A killer dress & some stilettos for evenings out And of course accessories! blue lotus cuff A great cuff bracelet Thunderdome Statement Necklace - antique gold sm Statement Necklace Clearly It's Love acrylic clutch - grey lace4 Clear evening clutch

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