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Macy's - jumping the shark?

February 21, 2014


Do you know the term 'Jumping the Shark'? It's a Hollywood term that refers to a TV show that goes too far to the point of no return! It comes from the show Happy Days when the ratings were starting to go down so they quickly tried to do something drastic on an episode to get viewers (Fonzie jumping over an actual shark on his motorcycle)! It failed!! Have you been to Macy's lately? Have you noticed the downward spiral? Now I don't own a retail shop but...OH WAIT I DO!!

Anyway, I can tell you that if sales are down, the last thing I'm going to do is let my quality go down as well!

Ladies & Gentlemen...Dayton's has LEFT the building!

Now I know this might sound strange because for those of you who know what I'm talking about, you are probably thinking, Dayton's has BEEN gone. And for those of you who have NO idea what I mean, Dayton's was a smaller but far better department store that had locations throughout the Midwest. They owned Target, at first. Then Target became larger so they separated the two businesses, then Dayton's bought Marshall Field's and changed all the Dayton's stores to M.F. stores because it was a larger household name. Then that dreaded buyout happened....The company that owned Macy's decided to monopolize and bought Marshal Fields. Tons of people were out of work and tons of vendors were angry because they didn't have the same relationship with Macy's and they left as well!

Macy's was here and Dayton's and Marshall Fields were gone. It was a sad day in the Twin Cities. Lots of layoffs, lots of traditions lost, but I digress. We moved on, we got used the new. Most, if not all of the high end designers ran for the hills not wanting to be part of Macy's and we were left with, well what we have. The beautiful building that was and is sometimes still referred to as 'The Dayton's Building' is still there but yes, it's Macy's. I grew up there, not only as a shopper but a team member. I still walk through there all the time when in the *skyways and still get that familiar smell of, the earthy, woodsy scent that I'm pretty sure they pump through the vents but it makes us feel weirdly at home!

I fear for that building. It's one of downtown Minneapolis' oldest (from the late 1800's I believe) and I don't see a future for it because I fear the future of Macy's!  I'm a person that thrives on the visual stimulation that pristine windows and floor displays have to offer. I yearn to have a job where I can decorate a beautiful store and it sickens me to no end that the people that have the job I want, don't even bother to care! I have emailed them before about this, it makes me angry. I asked simply for a chance to prove myself as a visual merchandiser and to let me have a chance at the response. Huh...okay well if you want to fail, just keep doing what you're doing with the people you are doing it with!

Sorry for the ranting but I just don't understand. Retail is HARD! But when you already have an advantage of being a huge retailer, why would you dare get lazy? Why would you turn an eye to piles and piles of clothing thrown about? PICK IT UP! The following pictures were snapped in the Southdale Macy's Men's department, but this is not unique and it was not busy. It's the Macy's I have grown to know now so I shouldn't be surprised! Dayton's, I miss you.

Oh and Macy's, my offer still stands! :)









*indoor, 2nd floor passageways that connect buildings so we don't have to walk outside, for those in warmer climates

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