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Do you know the fashion tricks?

July 08, 2014


According to Refinery29, there are some tricks that only the most fabulous of fashion followers know! I am glad to admit that I know a few of these, so what does that say? Am I a 'Fashion Person', I would like to hope so.

Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. Choose the one with the weird color. I would say that this is a newer one for me within the last few years. For some reason, even though I love to stand out in the crowd, perhaps because of my ultra-conservative upbringing, I tend to go for simple, basic and neutral when it comes to more pricey purchases, but now that's all changed! I've decided, hey, if I'm going to spend more on it, I want it to make an impact! JUST GO FOR IT is my new motto.

fashion secret1


2. The Suit...not for work. I love the idea of this but should admit that I've never done it. Although if I saw the right suit, especially a shorts suit, I would definitely attempt it. Where are you, please show yourself so we can make a statement together!

fashion secret3


3. Mixed Prints (or Prince, because that always crosses my mind when I say it :)). This one should NOT be a surprise to anyone if you are at all looking to what is trendy now. I have to say, there is a certain, special someone that doubts this trend. He doesn't see the creativity and artistry behind it. I love it and, if done well, is like looking at beautiful wallpaper or artwork!

fashion secret2


 4. Spend more on the basics. Now I added this one because this is a challenge for me! I don't get it. Cotton is cotton, although I do appreciate the $64 cotton tee that is perfectly worn and would not be achieved with the $15 tee, at least not for 10 years or so. If I had the money to do it, I am sure I would see the necessity and quality and spend it on the better basics.

fashion secret5

 You can read the rest of the fashion tricks here!

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