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How to add trends without being too trendy...

December 22, 2014 2 Comments


 To be current and keep up with the latest trends doesn't mean you have to buy all new! Maybe you don't have to buy new at all. You might already have some of the latest and greatest in your closet, it's just a matter of changing how you use those items. Here are some trends for 2015, according to Apartment Therapy:   


Here are some more ideas!

Ethnic Prints

ethnic shoes

Shoes from Boxing Kitten

ethic coat

THIS ethnic coat! (which, btw, covers two trends; ethic AND coral)


ethnic chairs

 These chairs! (they are like mid-century meets ethnic print)


This trend just doesn't seam to be going away and why should it, plaid is so versatile and crosses over many different styles of dress and home decor! 

plaid chairs

These funky plaid chairs, found on Pinterest! This is a great DIY project. Just pick some chairs up at your local thrift store and recover the cushions.

plaid lamp

This lamp is another great DIY idea. You can buy a new lamp or a thrifted one. There are also lampshades you can buy that have adhesive on them so you can cover them with your own fabric. Either pick up some fabric at your local fabric store or use an old flannel shirt! 

Study Hall top

This is our Style a Go-Go Study Hall Shirt. It's light weight so it's perfect for layering!  

Natural Greens

Everyone is going green, so join in! Here are some great ideas...

green moss rug

How about a natural REAL moss bath mat!


40099924801 skeleton leaf string lights

These green leaf fairy lights would be cute on a deck!


green rings

A unique way to carry nature with you! These rings!


neutral layers

This blog has great layering ideas. The picture here even covers the neutral category!


We LOVE a good floral print. They stand the test of time and add some flare to your outfit or home decor! Here are some of our Style a Go-Go favs...

Blue Floral Dangle Earrings

The Changling Blue Floral Earrings


The Tuft of Flowers Trench

Enchanted Forest Scarf

Enchanted Forest Infinity Scarf

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September 15, 2020

Thank you Cassie! Unfortunately I have done a few google searches trying to find the original source of the coat and have been unsuccessful. I believe I originally found it on Pinterest. It IS awesome. It almost looks like FreePeople or another brand similar.


July 15, 2016

Hi there!

I love this blog post. Would you happen to know where to buy that orange coat?

Thank you so much!


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